Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top 10 things to do to ensure your job application is successful

1. Start the job application process early.

2. Write the application from the perspective of the selection criteria in the context of the position descriptor (subject/skill codes and position context statement). The selection criteria can be found in Appendix 3 of the Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Staff in the School Sector policy document. Write the application from the perspective of the School Context statement (available from the school's website).

3. Your email application should have only one attachment, the Advertised Teacher Position Application Form VL727. Please do not attach or include resumes, examples of work, or photographs, etc. Email the job application form as an "Attachment" not in the body of the email.

4. Save the Application Form VL727 prior to emailing it (otherwise you may send a blank application).

5. Type " Application For –"Vacancy Number" in the email subject. The vacancy number is listed in the vacancy information provided in eSelect. Leave the body of the email blank (i.e. put all relevant information in the application form) to ensure that the school's email spam filters do not reject your email and application.
Schools will only be considering applications based on the information contained within the application form, and will disregard any information in the body of the email.

6. Avoid the use of email systems such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc., as the school spam filters due to included advertising and html formatting often reject these types of emails .

7. Contact the school prior to the Closing Date if you have not received an email stating that they have received your application.

8. Contact the school if you believe your email appears to have failed.

9. If you have no access to email then you should fax the application to the school or send it via registered post.

10. If you have any questions or queries contact the school direct.

Application processing within schools

Each school will be checking for emailed job applications on a regular basis.

Schools will send a confirmation email to each applicant on receipt of the application via email.

Schools will notify applicants after the short-listing process has been completed.

State Office will not be processing applications for vacancies in schools.

Spam Filters

All emails to schools are filtered to ensure children are protected from inappropriate content. Spam Filters act as a barrier from emails that contain content that is deemed inappropriate. This could include advertisements, and therefore emails sent from services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Mail (GMail) etc. are sometimes rejected. If your email is rejected by the Spam Filter, then you should receive an automated reply advising this. You should contact the school if you are concerned that your Job Application has not been successfully received.

The following are tips to ensure your email is not rejected by the school's Spam Filter:

· Avoid using Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Mail (GMail)

· Do not email the Application as a body of text in the email. Only email as an attachment.

· It is preferable to leave the body of the email blank. However, if you must include a message then ensure you undertake the following:

o Avoid spelling errors, use of symbols (e.g $ ^ # *), and spaces between each l e t t e r.

o Be careful of the language you use. Spam filters check for offensive language.

o Avoid the use of words and phrases such as 'free', 'as seen', 'read this', 'hello', 'buy', 'your own'.

o Of course you should also avoid mentioning large amounts of money, mortgages, finance, medical cures, weight loss, ageing, and drugs.

· Monitor your email:

o To ensure you receive an email receipt from the school,

o For any automated email receipts stating that your email has failed.

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